Children Counselling

• Counselling for children requires a very sensitive, non-invasive and child centred approach. For over twenty years I have been developing such an approach from my practice here in Killarney.

• Children experience anxiety for a number of reasons. It can make itself known in a wide variety of indirect ways including behavioural problems, shyness, physical illness and difficulties at school. And sadly children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of bereavement or wider difficulties in the family including separation.

• A child’s world is often a very private place. They don’t like being asked leading questions and are anxious not to be categorised as having something “wrong with them”. For this reason I prefer a play centred approach to my work with young children.

• My training as a sand play therapist has been particularly useful in this area. A sandpit filled with brightly coloured toys provides the child with materials familiar from his/her own world of play. Usually they can’t wait to get going! By paying close, respectful, attention to the detail of the child’s creative play a focus is achieved in a safe and non- intrusive way.

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