Anxiety and Depression

• Stress, anxiety and depression are the most common experiences that lead people to seek the help of a counsellor or psychotherapist. For over twenty years I have been working with people from the greater Kerry/Cork area who have sought my help and counselling support.

• Lifestyles have changed dramatically over this time. More and more demands are being made on us and many individuals are finding it difficult to keep up physically and mentally with such a demanding pace. Anxiety is often the result. It can be experienced by any age group and nobody is immune. Unsupported it may develop into panic attacks or even depression.

• I have worked extensively in all of these areas. I have learned that “one cure does not fit all” and that each person has a unique story. With help each of us can find a space and a pace that is more comfortable and more suitable for beginning our personal journey to recovery. The help of a counsellor or psychotherapist is often the starting point for just such a personal journey.

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